Miss Baptista

doopjurkjes, dooppakjes, babygeschenken met kruissteek, decoratie babykamertjes, lekkere babytaarten, chocolaterie, en nog zoveel meer...


Dear friends,
I'm so dissapointed
because it's been weeks and weeks
I can't comment on any of your gorgeous posts.
If somebody has an answer
for this disturbance
please inform me through email :
I read all of your posts
and enjoy the beautiful pictures.
Hope we can communicate soon ......

4 opmerkingen:

It's me zei

Owww so sweet post !!...love from me...xxx...

{ Nina Designs } zei

LOVE all the photos!
I have that same problem, so I comment by choosing Name/URL and put the link to my blog. Hope it helps!!

Vicky zei

Pink..it was love at first sight <3

Fer zei

Beautiful post with quotes.

Thank you for always stopping by.