Miss Baptista

doopjurkjes, dooppakjes, babygeschenken met kruissteek, decoratie babykamertjes, lekkere babytaarten, chocolaterie, en nog zoveel meer...


Zeng’s subjects are usually ballerinas with bunny heads
or royal deer dressed in dapper suits.
The prints start at around $8
and arrive from the Chinese artist’s studio
printed on paper that has a silvery metallic sheen to it.
They have a mysterious, fairylike feel.
Verry nice !

Pics & Quotes

Logic will take you from point A to point B.
Imagination takes you everywhere.
Bas Douma

Not knowing where to go is much worse than to be lost.
Jim Jarmusch

When you are sleeping
and you dream that you sleep
you'll have to wake up twice
before you can get up.
Pierre Légaré

Baby Otte poseert voor Arsa Baby

Last week
Arsa Baby Doopkledij
had a fotoshoot
at the studio of Barbara Decré.
She had arranged a cute babygirl
to show our dresses.
An hour and a half
she laughed and giegelde.
We could change clothes about 7 times.
She's a real pro.
Now we can send these magnificant pictures
to magazines and newspapers
and maybe,
they publish one or two.
Fingers crossed !

Enjoy your sunday !

Cake Coquette

Gabrielle has her own pastry shop in San Fransisco.
She's a real celeb and her cakes were featured in
lots of glossy magazines and she appeared in
several tv-shows.
In my oppinion,
this cake is the most beautiful one
I ever saw in my entire life !
Congratulations Gabrielle !

Moulin Roty

Moulin Roty is a company
that manufactures toys for children.
They have the most fabulous things !
accessories to play school,
decoration for the nursery,
and so much more !
You won't know what to choose ...


Dwell Studio

Wanneer je droomt
dat je slaapt
moet je tweemaal wakker worden
voordat je kan opstaan.
Pierre Légaré

If you are dreaming
of being asleep
you have to wake up twice
before you can get up.
Pierre Légaré