Miss Baptista

doopjurkjes, dooppakjes, babygeschenken met kruissteek, decoratie babykamertjes, lekkere babytaarten, chocolaterie, en nog zoveel meer...

Lena and Lovely

No need to tell
that Kristin has an affinity for everything
shabby chic
and sweet !
Her Etsyshop " Lena ans Lovely
is adorable.

Tiny Giraffe

Amy worked in the musicindustry
but when she got pregnant
she decided to walk another road. 
She puts all her creative and entrepreneurial energy into Tiny Giraffe.
One night in February 2009
she made an account on Etsy,
loaded some items
and just minutes later she was on her way to the hospital
to give birth to a sweet little baby.
Now, two years later, 
raising her children and managin' the shop 
has became a daily job.
Amy, you are a clever woman !

Easter with Chocolate Chefs

In this post
I will show you
what contemporary pastry and chocolate chefs
have to offer for Easter !

I'm sure I didn't dissapoint
any of you !