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Astrid Bears

If I was a little girl
and Santa would bring me a bear like this
I would hug him and kiss him
and shout :
Thank you dear Santa !

Astrid Maas makes these bears herself.
You can see she loves doing it.

I hope you love them
as much as I do !


Het leuke aan slecht weer
is dat handwerken toch ooh zo gezellig kan zijn !



The story of Joyfolie
is remarkable.
There once was a mother
who made a pair of shoes for her little girl.
Soon family and friends wanted
a pair for their own children.
In the entire city peolple became interested.
Help was hired and Jessica
had to reorganize the whole business.
from handmade in her small home studio
to manufacturing elsewhere.
The company eveloves
but the little shoes will alway remain cute and of high quality!

She has a very nice blog
and one of the returning items is called Photo Folie.
She will show the photo that inspired her
for a new design.

You can find her blog at Joyfolieblog.

You can find her collection at Joyfolie.

Loxly Hollow

When I read the profile of Elisabeth
I immediately loved her.
She says :
I think the saddest thing
is when people are born old
without a sense of humor.

And of course
her beautiful pictures
brighten up our blog !