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doopjurkjes, dooppakjes, babygeschenken met kruissteek, decoratie babykamertjes, lekkere babytaarten, chocolaterie, en nog zoveel meer...

Ho, ho, ho, ...

                                      We wanna wish you all very warm and cosy holidays !









Barbara and Elvis

Today I wanna show you a nice picture
that inspired us to make a christeningdress.
It's made from a very special kind of fabric.
The pattern of big circles give a unique sense to the dress. 

We named it Wendell, not a common name 
but I love the sound of it. 
My mother is a big Elvisfan and for a long time, 
the movieposter of "Tickle me" adorned her livingroom. 
One member of the cast was named Wendell 
and that name always intriged me. 
So in a way Barbara and Elvis helped us to create this
" one of a kind " christening dress. 


The Banner Boutique

Miss Baptista adores mom-owned, home based businesses 
and The Banner Boutique is one of them ! 
 Owner, Lindsey Banner, started 5 years ago, 
selling a collection of headbands straight to boutiques, wholesale only. 
 She never thought selling straight to the public would be a success. 
After she moved to Arizona, she tried selling to the public by opening an Etsy Shop, 
and it exploded ! 
Today she has the help of 6 woman 
so she can keep the balance between enjoying her business 
and enjoying her 4 lovely children. 

The trick is to enjoy life. 
Don't wish away your days waiting for better ones ahead !


The headbands are interchangeable 
and the the colors are infinite ! 

 website : bannerboutique.online

Doopsel Prinses Estelle

Prinses Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary van Zweden 
werd geboren op 23 februari en gedoopt op 22 mei 2012. 
We late u graag mee genieten van enkele foto's van de mooie dag.

Human Disney

I stumbled upon these gorgeous pictures.
All Disneyfigures are edited with a real human face.
In my opinion, they did a real fine job !

Appologies, can't find an url were I found them (